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The Most Popular Health Trends of 2016 so far

The Most Popular Health Trends of 2016 so far
January 20
23:12 2016

You are probably still writing 2015, instead of 2016, on checks by accident even though, the new year has been here for a few weeks already!

So far, we are seeing some interesting health trends emerging in 2016. Here’s a closer look that the ones creating a buzz on social media, specifically on Pinterest.

The Hourglass Workout

With the constant press featuring hourglass-figured celebrities, like the Kardashian sisters, it’s not surprising that the Hourglass Workout is gaining popularity. There are more and more fitness programs catering to women looking to slim their middle section, while strengthening their glutes. Pins about these types of workouts have gone up 86% since the start of the new year.

Detox Teas

This is not exactly a new trend, since detox teas started to gain some major popularity in 2015. But, the trend, especially with homemade detox tea recipes, has only continued to raise in popularity since the start of the new year. This isn’t surprising since the new year always motivates people to begin the year off right with a healthier lifestyle.

Cloud Bread

Pins have increased drastically for this low-carb bread alternative, that is also grain, gluten and guilt-free. It has the name cloud due to its fluffy consistency that it becomes after being stored overnight in a plastic container.

Meditation Space

The practice of meditation has become more popular. So with that being said, more are creating spaces designated solely to meditation. Pins about how-to-create the perfect area for this relaxing activity have jumped 49% percent, since the start of 2016.

Dry Brushing

For those of you who don’t know what dry brushing is, it is rubbing dry skin with a body brush pre-shower. Pins about this activity has increased by a whopping 41%. Apparently, according to Pinterest (so this may or may not be true,) this pre-shower ritual helps to boost circulation and clear toxins, plus it is a great way to exfoliate.

So what do you think of some of these health trends so far? Will they continue to build momentum through-out the year? Or are they just passing fads inspired by the “New Year, New Me” themed resolutions?

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