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Strange Threat To Testicular Health And What To Do About It

Strange Threat To Testicular Health And What To Do About It
March 07
20:55 2016
There is an invisible threat to your health that you may be exposed to on a daily basis. Most men aren’t thinking about it. But we should if we want to stay manly and healthy. Read on and I’m going to give you the inside scoop and give you important tips for protecting yourself.Today we’re going to talk about the importance of protecting the “crown jewels” from an unexpected threat. As men, our testicles are incredibly important for our wellbeing. They are the primary source of testosterone, a hormone responsible for making us men. In order to remain happy, strong, lean, and ambitious, we need our testicles to be healthy. And yet there is an invisible threat that you probably aren’t thinking about.

That threat is radiation. The worst kind of radiation is called ionizing radiation. That’s the kind that x-rays and CAT scans produce. There are also some surprising sources of ionizing radation that I’m going to share with you in just a moment. The other kind of radiation is non-ionizing. It’s not as dangerous, but there are a few sources that are proven to be problematic. I’ll tell you what to do about it.

Reducing Your Exposure

The very first thing that any man should do is work to reduce his exposure to harmful radiation levels. It turns out that there’s always radiation because even the planet and the stars are exposing us. But that much is okay. It’s just when we get excess exposure that we are in trouble. And a lot of modern technological achievments can do just that.

People who work in medical imaging are among those at the highest risk of radiation exposure. So are people who get a lot of medical imaging done. So be conservative with how much medical imaging you submit to. If your doctor wants you to get an x-ray or a CAT scan or other medical imaging process, consider whether it is truly necessary or not. Many doctors are cavalier about the dangers, but they are wrong. There is no question about it. Unnecessary medical imaging increases health risks of all kinds. That includes not only testicular problems, but also whole body health.

The very greatest risk for radiation exposure is a surprise to most people. The one occupation that is associated with the highest rates of radiation-related harm is airline crew. That’s because the Earth’s atmosphere filters out a lot of the harmful radiation from the stars. But when flying at 30,000 feet, much of the protection isn’t available. Frequent flyers are therefore also at risk. Flying is certainly a great convenience that allows us the luxury to travel extensively. But it is not without risks. A flight or two per year probably isn’t harmful. But avoid flying weekly if you can.

And finally, one of the more recent inventions that is exposing men’s testicles to harmful radiation is the cell phone. Studies have shown that when men keep cell phones in pants pockets that greatly increases the risk of testicular harm. In fact, cell phones have been shown to make some men infertile. The simple solution is to keep your phone away from your testicles. Of course, keeping the phone in your shirt pocket probably isn’t a good idea either as far as your heart is concerned. So perhaps just keep the phone off or in the car or at home instead.

There’s no reason to worry too much about these things as long as you keep them to a minimum, of course. Infrequent and necessary medical imaging will probably be fine. (Though you really ought to ask for some shielding for your testicles.) And flying infrequently is unlikely to be problematic. But all the same, it is sensible to take some additional steps to protect your testicles with proven practices. Let’s look at those next.

Spice Things Up

Some common cooking spices have been proven to help protect the testicles against radiation damage. The flavorful chemicals in herbs and spices are the things that are protective. So be sure to flavor your food with vibrant herbs and spices regularly.

A great many herbs and spices have been proven to be helpful. However, a handful of herbs are the most impressive. Studies have shown that something called rosmarinic acid is incredibly protective of the testes against radiation. Not surprisingly, rosmarinic acid is found in rosemary. It’s also found in other related herbs such as thyme and basil. Basil in particular has been shown to be protective.

An Oyster A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Some trace minerals have also proven to be highly protective. Two of those minerals are zinc and selenium. One of the very best sources of both minerals is the oyster, a superfood from the sea that every man should enjoy as often as possible.

Of course oysters aren’t the only source of zinc and selenium. They just happen to be the very best. The next best source is red meat. Other good (but not great) sources include poultry and fish.

Antioxidants Provide Protection

Antioxidants have also been shown to be protective. Antioxidant vitamins A and C are well studied in this regard. In fact, airline pilots commonly supplement with large amounts each of these vitamins to help protect them.

I don’t recommend that you supplement with large amounts of these nutrients because doing so can have some negative consequences as well. But I do recommend that you get these nutrients from foods.

For vitamin A the best natural source is liver. Eat some liver once a week or two and you’ll be doing your testicles and your whole body good. You can also get small amounts of vitamin A from butter and egg yolks, which I hope you are eating regularly.

For vitamin C, studies show that natural vitamin C with all the natural co-factors found in food is far better than megadoses of synthetic vitamin C. Many fruits and vegetables are good sources. Some of the best are peppers, broccoli, kale, kiwifruits, strawberries, tomatoes, and (of course) oranges.

Other antioxidant nutrients are found in fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices as well. So be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and add flavorful herbs and spices to your foods. Studies show that you don’t need large amounts of the antioxidants to be effective. So don’t fall for the hype and believe you need to buy expensive, concentrated supplements of curcumin, resveratrol, or any of the other fad supplements. Just eat lots of fruits and vegetables and add herbs and spices.


Take these simple steps starting today and you can rest assured that you are taking care of your health in smart ways. Reduce your exposure to excess radiation. Add plenty of herbs and spices to your food. Eat quality shellfish, meats, and fish to supply your mineral needs. And eat more fruits and vegetables. You’ll be well on your way.


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