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Avoid Scary Food Additive That Causes Cancer and Diabetes

Avoid Scary Food Additive That Causes Cancer and Diabetes
April 29
17:52 2016

The FDA has approved 5 of these dangerous chemicals for use in food. Organizations such as the American Heart Association (AHA) say you should be eating them to be healthier. Big business is marketing them to you as healthy. Don’t fall for the lies and hype because science has proven that these chemicals can kill you.

The chemicals that we’re talking about are artificial sweeteners. They are called saccharin, acesulfame, aspartame, neotame, and sucralose. And you’ll find them increasingly in foods and beverages marketed as “healthy”. But researchers have shown that these chemicals are anything but healthy. In fact, as we’ll see, they are proven to increase the risk of serious diseases.

Artificial Sweetener Claims: Fact From Fiction

For decades now the message has been loud and clear. Sugar is bad for health. Sugar causes obesity, diabetes, cancer, and all kinds of other diseases. So we are told to cut out sugar. Big business has been quick to sell no calorie sugar replacements. Expensive advertising campaigns have convinced many Americans that artificial sweeteners are healthier. And as a result, artificial sweetener sales are increasing every single year. But are the claims true?

First off, the claims that sugar is had for health are not backed by science. In fact, researchers have found repeatedly that moderate sugar consumption is linked with good health. National studies find that those who eat more sugar are leaner. Sugar has never been shown to cause diabetes, cancer, or any other disease. In fact, the only evidence against sugar involves studies in which participants are massively overfed chemically altered sugar. In those studies fatty liver deposits were formed. But those same results have never been shown with real, natural sugar.

The AHA and others says that sugar is bad for health. They say to substitute artificial sweeteners for sugar. They claim artificial sweeteners can reduce calorie consumption. Ironically, however, they are dead wrong. Numerous studies find just the opposite. Those who consume artificial sweeteners consume nearly 200 calories more per day than others.

Furthermore, artificial sweeteners have been shown to alter taste perception. Those who eat artificial sweeteners become insensitive to the sweet taste. So they need to eat more sweetener to satisfy their sweet taste. While most people can eat an apple and enjoy the sweetness, those who drink Diet Coke regularly cannot. Instead, they have to consume more and more food or chemical additives.

Advocates of artificial sweeteners also claim that they help people to avoid insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. But science shows exactly the opposite. People who regularly consume artificial sweeteners are nearly 40 percent more likely to develop metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance than those who consume sugar. They’re also nearly 70 percent more likely to develop diabetes. Plus those who consume artificial sweeteners gain fat more rapidly. In other words, ironically, diet sodas make people fat and sick.

The Cancer Risk

The FDA has approved artificial sweeteners without any effort to warn people about the risks. And yet the research is clear about the risks. And the risks are significant. We’ve already seen some of those risks. Artificial sweeteners dramatically increase the risk of metabolic syndrome and diabetes. But that’s only half of the picture. There’s also the matter of cancer.

Study after study shows that aspartame causes cancer. Animal studies have repeatedly produced lymphoma and leukemia by feeding aspartame. It doesn’t take a lot either. Human studies have found cancer risks caused by small amounts of artificial sweeteners. Men who drink just one diet soda per day have a significantly greater risk of developing several types of cancer.

The chemical manufacturers argue that there is no such risk. They say that the FDA approved the artificial sweeteners and that proves they are safe. However, the studies the FDA used fed extremely small amounts of the chemicals. Those studies were not real life tests. More recent research feeding animals the amounts of the chemicals present in the equivalent of a diet soda have proven that the chemicals result in significant increases in tumors.

The science is clear on the matter Artificial sweeteners cause a significant increase in cancer. But the FDA is being silent on the matter. And Coca Cola and others that use artificial sweeteners in their products aren’t warning the public. There are no warning labels on Diet Coke advising consumers about its dangers. But now you’ve been warned.

A Better Way

Some of the important voices of nutrition and public safety have spoken out against artificial sweeteners. For example, the head of the Harvard School of Public Health has stated that artificial sweeteners are toxic. A well-respected professor of Public Health at New York University has made similar statements. Unfortunately, these voices are drowned out by the huge advertising budgets of big business. But now that you have read this article, you have better information. Now you can make better decisions. There is a better way.

So what is a better way? Stop believing the hype. Stop listening to the lies of big business. Artificial (chemical) sweeteners are not healthy. And natural sugar isn’t unhealthy in moderation. In fact, the voice of nutrition and public safety that I mentioned advise just that: use natural sugar as a sweetener, and enjoy it in moderation.

As I wrote earlier, moderate sugar consumption is associated with good health. That doesn’t mean that you must eat sugar if you don’t want it. But if you desire something sweet, reach for something natural instead of artificial.

There’s little question but what most of the time a piece of fruit is healthier than white sugar. That’s because fruit contains additional vitamins and nutrients that make us healthier. So to make healthy choices, eat fruit more often in place of sugar sweetened drinks and candy. And be sure to eat a diet that includes plenty of wholesome, real food. But moderate amounts of natural sugar, including white sugar, is just fine too. When you want a sugary-treat, look for something made with real sugar instead of toxic chemical sweeteners. When you do so, you can know that you are making a healthy choice


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