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Blue Pill Linked To Deadly Skin Cancer

Blue Pill Linked To Deadly Skin Cancer
May 17
12:06 2016

The drug companies have been quick to try and cover it up. But the cat’s out of the bag. One of the most popular drugs for men has been shown to cause a huge increase in rates of a deadly form of cancer.

If you want to protect yourself, read on. I’m going to share with you the findings. And I’m also going to share with you what you can do to stay safe.

Viagra Shown To Increase More Than Just Erections

In less than 20 years, Viagra has become one of the most popular drugs among men. In some cities it is estimated that nearly 50 percent of men over the age of 50 use the drug.

But the drug isn’t as safe as it’s made out to be. Common side effects include heartburn and headaches. And almost unbelievably, the drug causes some men to see a blue tint to everything. You’d almost think it was all in their imaginations. But scientists discovered that there’s actually a reason for it.

Less commonly, the drug can even cause hearing loss. And an unfortunate number of men get more erection support than they were bargaining for. Viagra can cause painful erections that last many hours. It’s no joke as it can cause serious harm.

It’s also been long known that men with heart disease should be cautious with Viagra. It can possibly cause complications.

As if all that wasn’t bad enough. But recent research has shown that Viagra is actually linked with an 84 percent increase in melanoma, which is the deadly form of skin cancer.

Not All Skin Cancers Are The Same

I’ve mentioned before that most types of skin cancer aren’t very dangerous. The general hysteria about skin cancer in the media is overblown. And the fear of sunlight is harmful to health.

But there is one rare type of skin cancer that really is deadly. It’s called malignant melanoma. That’s the type of skin cancer Viagra use increases.

The most common type of skin cancer is called basal cell carcinoma. In the U.S. just shy of 3 million people are diagnosed with it each year. But it is rarely fatal.

The second most common type of skin cancer is called squamous cell carcinoma. In the U.S. each year 700,000 people are diagnosed with it. But it is fatal only about 2 percent of the time.

Melanoma is by far the least common and the most deadly. Melanoma accounts for less than 2 percent of all skin cancers. However, it accounts for nearly all deaths from skin cancer.

While skin cancer is nowhere near as deadly as most other types of cancer, melanoma is not something you want to get.

Viagra may increase the risk of developing melanoma by 84 percent. Is that really worth the risk?

Safer Alternatives Exist For Reversing Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra has one purpose only. It doesn’t save lives. It produces erections mechanically. That is what it does.

Of course erectile dysfunction can decrease the quality of one’s life. So anything that helps with erections may seem to increase the quality of life.

But keep in mind that there’s a difference between something that mechanically produces erections and a cure for erectile dysfunction.

Viagra and other drugs for erectile dysfunction may produce erections, but they don’t solve the problem. You’ve got to ask yourself why does erectile dysfunction exist in the first place?

In most men erectile dysfunction is a sign that there’s something wrong with their health. Therefore, the cure is whatever improves their health – not drugs that force an unnatural erection.

Let’s face it. Erectile dysfunction doesn’t happen without accompanying symptoms. Those other symptoms are also signs of poor health. Instead of trying to mask the symptoms, the real solution addresses the underlying causes.

What are the underlying causes? For most men they are things like sleeping too little, eating poorly, staying indoors too much, and poorly managed emotional stress.

Rather than using drugs that increase your risk of heart disease, may damage your penis, and may give you a deadly form of skin cancer, it’s better to address the real causes.

When you fix the underlying causes, not only will you have stronger erections, you’ll also feel better overall. Getting enough sleep, for example, has been proven to improve erection quality. It’s also been proven to improve brain health, heart health, and testosterone levels. The same is true of eating well, getting outside for walks, and practices such as meditation that improve overall health.


Like most drugs these days, Viagra has been proven to be too risky to be worthwhile. With an 84 percent increase in deadly skin cancer, Viagra just isn’t safe.

Fortunately, safer alternatives exist. They aren’t quick fixes. But by taking care of your health, not only will you be able to enjoy natural, healthy sex for life, you’ll also feel better overall.


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