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Russian Billionaire Reaches Towards Immortality

Russian Billionaire Reaches Towards Immortality
June 27
14:23 2016

Immortality is a motif that appears frequently in the legends, stories, and dreams of human culture. Some would consider it the ultimate achievement … but is it possible?

robo_russo3Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov thinks so – and he claims he’ll have the secret by 2045. With a team of top Russian scientists, Itskov is working on a process by which the human consciousness could be transferred into an artificial form.

The 2045 Initiative offers a timeline for immortality over the next 33 years. Founded by 31-year-old Itskov in 2011, the life-extension project begins with robotic avatars and the recreation of the human brain via computer models.

The end goal, which sounds more like science fiction than reality, is to successfully implant the human consciousness into a holographic avatar, making that person immortal.

“The first phase is to create a humanoid robot dubbed ‘avatar,’ and a state-of-the-art brain-computer interface system. The next phase consists of creating a life-support system for the human brain and connect it to the ‘avatar.’ The final phase … is to create an artificial brain in which to transfer the original individual consciousness into,” reads the Initiative’s website.

The plan has taken the Internet by storm and has even led to the birth of a new political party: Evolution 2045. The new party, based in Russia, pushes new strategies for human development across the globe and encourages others to follow “not in the arms race, but in the race for building a bright future for mankind.”


Itskov’s robotic humans will be imbued with a range of survival abilities and will be able to tolerate external dangers including “high temperatures, pressure, radiation, lack of oxygen.” The billionaire even goes so far as to predict that war and violence will disappear as mankind is been reinvented by the hologram-like avatars. “Spiritual self-improvement” will become the ultimate goal.

Itskov wrote an open letter to some of the world’s top billionaires last month, informing them of the importance of “cybernetic immortality and the artificial body” and urging them to participate in its funding.

“Contributing to cutting-edge innovations in the fields of neuroscience, nanotechnology, and android robotics is more than building a brighter future for human civilization. [It’s also] a wise and profitable business strategy that will create a new and vibrant industry of immortality – limitless in its importance and scale. This kind of investment will change every aspect of business as we know it,” reads the letter.

Itskov is planning to discuss his goals with potential investors during a global meeting in New York next year.


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