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Why Veteran are Being Rejected by Obamacare

Why Veteran are Being Rejected by Obamacare
June 01
09:00 2016

Millions Denied Obamacare Coverage – Labeled “Too Poor”

More evidence is mounting that Obamacare is not what we were promised.Not that I’m surprised.

This program, forced into law through a procedural loophole, was so important according to its supporters that the means by which it was passed didn’t matter. And it was so important because it was going to provide healthcare access and insurance to the tens of millions of people who cannot afford it.

It turns out that while some people who could not afford insurance before have been able to under Obamacare, millions are being told they are too poor for the program.

Too poor for Obamacare! A program meant to protect the poor is actually shutting its proclaimed beneficiaries out.

Marc Alphonse, an unemployed 40-year-old Marine veteran who is essentially homeless, cannot get health insurance under Obamacare.

How is That Even Possible?!

Here’s what’s happening…

As part of the Obamacare law, states were required to expand their Medicaid service to cover any adults making below 138% of the federal poverty level. To ease the transition, the federal government would pay the cost of benefits for the first three years.

But many states already see 20% of their budgets consumed by Medicaid costs.

And while the federal government agreed to pay benefits, they would not pay for administrative costs under the expansion.

And after three years, the states would bear part of the expense of the benefits, too.

Several states saw Obamacare ushering them into bankruptcy. They took their cause to the Supreme Court and received legal recourse.

Since the Supreme Court ruling, 24 states have opted out of the Medicaid expansion.

This means that adults without disabilities and who are not caring for children don’t qualify for Medicaid coverage no matter what their income is.

Obamacare Subsidies?

Not if You Don’t Earn Enough

But what about the subsidies? Couldn’t these folks purchase health insurance on the exchanges and use subsidies to help them afford their plan?

The short answer is, no. To qualify for subsidies, you have to make at least a poverty-level wage.

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Five million people fall into this gap. The healthcare reform plan that promised them coverage isn’t delivering.

Naturally Democrats are trying to blame Republicans, the Supreme Court, insurance companies … anybody and anything besides Obamacare.

But the straight truth—and it comes as no surprise to you, I know—is that the Affordable Care Act was deeply flawed when it passed. It is too complex. Too complicated. Too vulnerable to corruption. And too inflexible.

Whether politicians repeal the law or not, it will fail. The real questions now is how many people will be hurt in the process and how bad will the damage be.

Protect Yourself From Obamacare

Smart healthcare consumers are taking proactive steps to insure that they continue to receive the best healthcare possible despite this fiasco of a law.

Five things top the list when it comes to protecting yourself from Obamacare.

1. Find a good doctor and pay cash: Rather than have your doctor dictated to you by insurance company bureaucrats—or even worse by government paper pushers—take control. You are not limited in your choice of doctor as long as you are willing to pay for office visits out of pocket.

Take this process seriously. Ask your friends and family for recommendations. Research reviews of doctors in your area. Pick two or three of the most promising and go in for a visit. Interview them. Ask lots of questions about their approach to medicine and about your top health concerns. Then go with your gut. Choose the doctor that gives you the best feeling and begin seeing him or her regularly.

I highly recommend that you look into concierge doctors as part of this process.

2. Do your research: If you have any major procedures that you need to have done, research the providers in your area to see who has the best record. Then, also research providers in Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. You may find that going overseas for surgical procedures has many advantages, especially when it comes to the financial.

3. Become your own advocate: Under Obamacare, doctors have more paperwork and more patients. Which means less time for everyone. Whenever you go into a visit with your doctor, make sure you’ve written down every question that you need to ask.

Listen carefully to his answers. If there’s anything that doesn’t make sense to you, ask for an explanation. Carefully research any treatments or prescriptions your doctor gives you, and don’t hesitate to email or call him with follow up questions. In other words, stand up for your health.

4. Get healthy. In sports, they say the best defense is a good offense. In the case of your health, the best defense is not getting sick. Do all those little things that help you stay healthy. Be physically active. Eat good foods and cut out the processed junk. Drink plenty of water and green tea. And get enough sleep.

5. Get diagnosed early. If you start to notice any problems with your health, have them checked out as early as possible. Early diagnosis means more treatment options and a better prognosis. This is especially important as medical professionals become more stressed out and strapped for time.

The healthcare law will eventually fail. Make sure that your health isn’t a casualty of the coming chaos. Follow these five steps to protect yourself and your loved ones from becoming a victim of our crumbling healthcare system.


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