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The Next-Gen Appliance that will Plan and Cook your Meals

The Next-Gen Appliance that will Plan and Cook your Meals
July 15
13:01 2016

A Silicon Valley startup called Innit is planning to retrofit traditional stoves and refrigerators with sensor technology that will transform average appliances into culinary experts.

At a glance, you’ll know exactly what’s in your fridge, what’s ripe and what’s expired, and how to combine and cook your ingredients for ultimate flavor and nutrition.

Sounds like something from the Jetsons, right?

“Our technology lets you listen to your food,” says Innit CEO Kevin Brown. His goal was to adapt the technology currently used in industrial food manufacturing for home use. “We want to help you take advantage of the information about your food – whether it’s about freshness or how to mix and match ingredients to meet your dietary goals.”

So what will this futuristic kitchen be like?

You’ve just arrived home from work. The Innit app on your phone tells you there is chicken, leftover quinoa, and a head of kale in the fridge. You told the program that you wanted to eat more leafy greens, so the app suggests a recipe including kale.

Your oven automatically preheats while you chop the ingredients according to a recipe suggested by the program. As the chicken cooks, your stove will track the chicken’s doneness, chiming to let you know when it’s finished. 

It will be like having a your own chef and nutritionist.

“Most brands are connecting their appliances to the Internet and you get a remote control function [on your phone],” explains Brown. “What we’re doing is connecting food to the appliances, and using information about that food to program the appliance. So for this chicken and that oven, here’s the perfect digital recipe.”

Consumer trials will take place later in 2016, and Innit claims its smart kitchen technology will be available next year for just $20!

Innit has sought out former White House nutritionist Sam Kass for advice and has aligned itself with Good Housekeeping, which will provide all the recipes for Innit’s stoves and refrigerators.

Innit’s ultimate goal is to get people exciting about cooking in a day and age in which fast food options leave our kitchens underused. It also seeks to tackle obesity and food waste.

“We want to take away some of the stress around cooking,” says Brown. Even better, installing Innit technology into your preexisting kitchen will be simple and cost-effective. “It’s really fun to cook this way and have this content and expertise … This is about empowering people in the kitchen, not replacing them.”


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