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Are Smart Contact Lenses in our Future?

Are Smart Contact Lenses in our Future?
August 17
13:20 2016

We are constantly hearing about future innovative technologies, but they are often projected to be available in many years or not even our lifetime. For example, how long has the notion of the flying car been around?

Well, not all technologies are so far off in the distant future. Samsung is currently in the process of getting a patent for smart contact lenses.

These contact lenses would be paired with mobile devices and are anticipated to be able to project images to the user’s eyes, along with being equipped with a built-in camera that will be operated by simply blinking the eye.

“It will also be able to transmit information to smartphone where data can be processed. This kind of technology can be done in order to let users enjoy augmented reality via these contact lenses instead of wearing wearable VRs,” writes

Developing this software will be no easy feat considering blinking is a normal involuntary movement by humans.

Not to mention, Samsung isn’t the only player after this technology. Google already has two patents for smart contact lenses. However, this tech mogul’s lenses are for medical uses, specifically the lens will be equipped with sensors to test tear fluids, determine blood sugar levels, along with other patient vitals. There is some potential for the tech company to apply its current GoogleGlass technology to these lenses.

With two big tech players pursuing smart contact lenses, others are bound to follow suit.

Samsung applied for the patent in 2014 around the same time Google received its patents. But just because Samsung has been granted the patent, it doesn’t mean that the company will release a consumer product with it.

Nonetheless, it’s an interesting concept to think about. Imagine a world where you are running or on a hike and you can snap a photo of your beautiful view with a blink or two. This technology could take the AppleWatch to the next level.


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